Advantages of MOSS

The MOSS instrument utilizes a robotic laser pointer allowing the Miner to easily follow the drill layout points as a one-man operation.  MOSS positions the laser pointer to each Drill Hole and indicates its accurate location by flashing the laser.  The speed and hole markup are easily controlled on the MOSS Tablet computer giving the Miner complete control over all the layout features.  The entire drill hole layout survey is stored within MOSS allowing Supervisors to review the miners’ activities.  Utilizing the drill layout tool drastically minimizes overbreak, rework, slashing and benching.



Moss not only provides face markups, centerlines and grade lines, it can be used for Cavity Monitoring Scanning (CMS) as well.  MOSS interfaces to all the Leica Robotic instruments however the MS60 is the most efficient providing full 360 degree scans or rings in minutes.





The instruments offer wireless communication back to the MOSS Tablet, so mounting the instrument on a boom, buggy, scoop or robotic tracked vehicle provides a wide range of CMS surveying options.





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There are multiple ways to tope an opening or a new round. When going through all the functions with MOSS, the user will begin by making a face profile of the face, creating vertical face rings that show the orientation and size of the opening, eventually the user will use the gradeline function.





This allows MOSS to capture the tope at the same time as it is showing the actual gradeline at a chosen elevation from the floor. Real time tracking synchronizes the surveyed tope onto the network server displaying any over break and under break discrepancies between actual and design plan.





Tracking mode is one of the most impressive features of Moss. It allows you to find the boom backsights so the jumbo driller can just follow those lines. Usually, drillers need to point the tip of their booms out 2% so that the face breaks properly to the design. MOSS already accounts for this, making it easier for the drillers. Tracking mode can also locate safety bays or any other openings that need to be inserted onto the drift. Tracking mode is extremely helpful surveying tool for a wide variety of underground measurement task.



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