MOSS Components

1. Robotic Total Station with Scanning capabilities (recommended) or Self-Learning Total Station

The Leica MS60 is the world’s first MultiStation, combining all available measurement technologies in one superior instrument, automatically and continuously adapting to any environment, despite the challenges. Scanning has been made simpler through the instant creation of point clouds with overlaid measured points and 3D models in one view. Visualisations are clearer and easier to see on an all-new 5” screen.

The Leica Viva TS16 Total Station is the world’s first self-learning total station, automatically adjusting to any environmental conditions.  The TS16 locks onto your, and only your, target and seeing precisely what you see. Known for the most comprehensive imaging capability available, you can capture exact conditions for any worksite through the self-learning capability of the Viva TS16.

Robotic Total Station with Scanning capabilities (recommended) or Self-Learning Total Station

2. Panasonic Toughpad® 

The 10.1-inch FZ-G1 pairs the field-tested, fully-rugged chassis of the original with the latest, sixth-generation Intel® Core™ i5 vPro™ and host of new features, like a glove-sensitive touch screen; a 28-hour, hot-swappable battery; integrated RFID; and much more. If you want a Windows®-ready, rugged tablet look no further.

Engineered to withstand the hard knocks, drops and spills of real life on the road, the FZ-G1 is built to operate flawlessly in every environment — from intense heat and sunlight, to pouring rain and freezing temperatures. Running Windows 10, the FZ-G1 integrates seamlessly and securely with enterprise platforms.

Panasonic Toughpad

3.  The Monopod System

A mining Line & Grade tool to be used with a Multi or Total Station. The internally threaded Bronze Wall Inserts (1″ diameter)are drilled and countersunk into the drift wall. The Monopod Wall Mount is then threaded into the Wall Insert and becomes a stable platform for a Laser Theodolite, giving miners a coordinated control station to lay out line and grade. The Laser Theodolite displays horizontal angle and percent grade directly on the working face for easy markups.

The Monopod System

4. Wall Mount Mini Prisms

GMP101, Mini Prism Set Conveniently stored in the instrument container, Mini Prisms offer a high positional accuracy due to their small size. The GMP101 has a built-in leveling bubble and supplied with an attachable spike. With this arrangement a point can be measured with very high precision. The GMP Mini Prism has a built-in target plate and delivers with its own transport bag. Prism constant of +17.5mm, max. IR range of 2000m (7000ft).

Wall Mount Mini Prisms

5. Leica Geosystems Tripods

The most important criterion for a good tripod is its stability, quite explicitly, the torsional rigidity. With that, a very valuable, but not the only, argument for the original tripod from Leica Geosystems has been named. Other substantial benefits are the height stability under load and the minimal horizontal drift. Also not to be underestimated are advantages such as long life, optimal vibration dampening, water resistance, outstanding behaviour in solar radiation and their weight in relation to load-bearing capacity.

Leica Geosystems Tripods